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Imagination comes naturally, but creation requires initiative, so take the first step and give us a call! We have the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life.   714.888.5621

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Mechanical Engineer Los Angeles


At SolidMasters, we are prepared to assist you during any phase of the development process. We are perfectly comfortable developing new ideas from scratch or modifying an existing product for a more efficient and cost effective design. We specialize in product incubation and design consulting. With over 21 years of experience, we have the knowledge to bring new ideas to life. 

At SolidMasters, we value innovation. That is why we strive to protect your ideas and save you the hassle of litigation. Every project begins with a non disclosure agreement as well as a patent inquiry in order to protect your idea and avoid product infringement. Thereafter, the project moves to the development phase.

Product development is an extremely involved process. Describing and rendering a thought as a physical model correctly takes a combination of precise skill and knowledge.  At SolidMasters, we strive to make this process easier for you. Our teams of engineers work hand-in-hand with your staff to develop products to meet your specifications. We are a boutique engineering firm which ensures you get the full attention of our entire team. Our CEO, Fred Vierheller, oversees every project and is standing by to assist you.

In cooperation with the inventor or firm, our engineers and designers will rearrange or substitute components to produce a more efficient design. In reality, a functional design will normally improve appearance, reduce manufacturing costs and make the product easier to maintain. The essence of good design is simplicity.  The objective is to build a product that is safe, reliable and cost effective.

Product development involves much more than shape and appearance. The development team must anticipate the problems that the production engineer will find as the product is manufactured. Beginning with the end in mind allows us to anticipating budgetary and timeline concerns that typically complicate the product development process. Give us a call to get started; our engineering team is standing by.

Assured Quality Made In The USA

Right from initial designing to final production we work only in the USA. You can visit us anytime to see the operation running. Be it metal fabricator an injection molding or else we have contacts to make it competitive and profitable as well.

We share relevant clips on product design or development in a weekly basis.

Top Ten Popular Inventors Documentary

Top Ten Popular Inventors Documentary : The top ten most popular inventors. The following popular inventors were determined by reader usage and research demand.

1. Thomas Edison 1847-1931

2. Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1869

3. George Washington Carver 1864-1943

4. Eli Whitney 1765-1825

5. Johannes Gutenberg 1394-1468

6. John Logie Baird 1888-1946

7. Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

8. Henry Ford 1863-1947

9. James Naismith 1861-1939

10. Herman Hollerith 1860-1929

Who Else Wants Blue Prints?

Your documents are synced with the latest solid models which require the use of associative solid models. *.DWG or *.DXF are automatically created for customers who utilize CAD systems such as AutoCAD. The importance of accurate and updated information and data cannot be overemphasized because we provide the customers profit and increased production. Accurate information will help SolidMasters work effectively and on a decided line of action in order to maximize the outcomes.

Our services consist of:

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